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ECMG is the manufacturer of the "Educational Electronic MIDI Drum Kit" which is a revolutionary, new concept in educational electronic kits. Both the musician and the hobbyists will find it enjoyable to play and build. Most importantly, teachers, parents, and students alike will find it to be a useful and stimulating educational tool. This new concept primarily focuses on the most current design processes used to create many of the electronic devices on the market today. We accomplish this by explaining the overall design process that was actually used to create this electronic drum kit. The same design process used to create this electronic kit can also be applied to create many other types of electronic devices. For more information about how this product can benefit you and to receive a sample of the Reference Manual click here to download a detailed product brochure.

Our drum kit is easy and fun to build. This educational electronic kit comes with a 110+ page Reference Manual that contains very detailed instructions for construction, operation, theory of operation, and testing. Our kit also comes with detailed assembly directions that show pictures for each step in the construction process. The Reference Manual contained with our electronic drum kits guides you through the design process, and explains how algebra and physics, with the aid of software, are used in the design process to create your kit that easily attaches to the game port of a standard soundcard on almost any desktop PC.

When this drum kit is connected to a relatively new computer the drum sounds are almost indistinguishable from the drums sounds heard while playing one of your favorite music CDs. The technology in soundcard synthesizers has come a long way in the past few years with the advent of Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synthesizers. The Wavetable synthesizer is able to create high quality instrument sounds because they store actual instrument sounds right on the computer chips on most new soundcards on the market today. As a result you can become part of your favorite band with this electronic drum kit by connecting it to your PCs soundcard, insert your favorite music CD, and you are now a member in your favorite band.

Assembly of our kits requires no soldering and the sounds created by the microcontroller can be customized in most cases. More info...

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