There are two different approaches that can be taken when building our electronic kits: 

        · One could chronologically proceed through our documentation one chapter at a time, finally constructing the prototype in STEP 5 of our design process

        · Or one could proceed directly to STEP 5, essentially bypassing STEPS 1-4, and go directly to constructing a working prototype by simply following the assembly directions contained in Chapter 5. Then starting from Chapter 1, read the rest of the chapters (STEPS 1-4) to find out exactly how our electronic kit works and how it was designed.

The purpose of our electronic kits is to explain the steps involved in the overall design process for micro controlled electronic devices, culminating in the construction of a working prototype in Step 5 of the overall design process. Our electronic kits should spur the interest of students and hobbyists of all ages, especially those eager to pursue further education or even a career in electrical and electronic engineering. 

Our educational design series products can be used by education providers to enhance a student's classroom experience in a variety of ways. For instance, those teaching on a Jr. High/High School/College level could easily use this kit to demonstrate the overall design process for many of the electronic devices on the market today. In an elementary school environment, our kits can be used as an electronic musical tool connected to the classroom computer that hopefully will inspire your students to ask a variety of questions.  This electronic kit can even be used by parents to enhance their child's education at home by spending quality time together going step-by-step through our design and assembly process. 

The person who successfully goes through the design process and assembly of one of our kits, besides learning about the design process for microcontrollers as it currently exists, will also learn about the state of music composition in the 21st century by learning about the General MIDI protocol standard. It’s our companies firm belief that Beethoven, had he lived in this century, would probably be using the MIDI standard to aid in the writing and composition of his orchestra style music. Both hobbyists of electronics and music enthusiast can use this kit to give insight into the design process for micro controlled musical instruments implementing the MIDI protocol standard.

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